FAQs – Student Disability Services

  • The Johns Hopkins University and the Engineering Innovation program are committed to making all courses, support services, and facilities accessible to students with disabilities.

    To receive accommodations for a disability, students must register with the JHU Office for Student Disability Services at https://studentaffairs.jhu.edu/disabilities/Students are highly encouraged to do so as soon as possible after admission and no later than two weeks prior to the start of class. Although requests can be made at any time, there may be a delay in implementation depending on the nature of the request.

    Part of the registration process is the submission of documentation of the disability. Please refer to the university Documentation Guidelines at https://studentaffairs.jhu.edu/disabilities/newly-admitted-students/documentation-guidelines/ for more information.

    You are encouraged to share the link above with your provider (e.g. physician, psychologist, teacher/counselor, etc.) to help guide his or her writing, if necessary. Please know that IEPs and 504 Plans, although helpful, do not constitute comprehensive documentation. However, when combined with other documentation from a qualified evaluator, can provide adequate support for accommodations during your Engineering Innovation experience.

    Registration Procedure

    To begin the registration process with Student Disability Services and to establish eligibility for disability related accommodations and services, follow these steps:

    1. Create your JHED ID (instructions will be sent by the Registrar’s Office when you are enrolled in the class)
    2. Complete and submit the SDS Online Registration Form and upload supporting documentation. You can also find this form by visiting the Student Disability Services website at https://studentaffairs.jhu.edu/disabilities/ and clicking on the link on the left hand side labeled ‘SDS Homewood Online Registration for New Students.’

    Once your form and documentation are received, the next step in the process will be a phone call or virtual meeting with an SDS professional staff member, when needed, to complete your requested accommodations. If you have any difficulty providing documentation or need more information about any aspect of the process, please contact SDS staff at [email protected]

  • Student disability accommodations at EI are handled by the JHU Homewood Student Disability Services:

    The Johns Hopkins University, Student Disability Services, 3400 N. Charles Street, Shaffer Hall, Suite 101, Baltimore, MD 21218; Phone: 410-516-4720; FAX: 443-529-1543; https://studentaffairs.jhu.edu/disabilities/

    Please direct questions to Dr. Terri Massie-Burrell, Director of Student Disability Services.


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