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Summer 2024 Applications

Fall 2024 Applications 

As of Friday, April 30, Engineering Innovation is accepting students to a waitlist for the following programs and locations: 

  • JHU Homewood Campus – Explore Engineering Innovation – Residential Program
  • JHU Homewood Campus – Sustainable Energy Engineering – Residential and Commuter Programs
  • Hood College – Explore Engineering Innovation – Residential and Commuter Programs
  • Hood College – Sustainable Energy Engineering – Residential and Commuter Programs

Setting Up Your Application Account

It is recommended that you use a Gmail, Yahoo, or similar email account when setting up your login credentials. If you choose to use a school email account, it is possible that the school firewall will block some email communications.

Preparing For Your Application

  • You must submit the following for your application to be considered complete:
    – Submit one required essay; there is also a second, optional essay.
    – Request Your Up-To-Date High School Transcript, including grades for the classes that you are currently taking.
    – Request Your Teacher Recommendation
  • If English is not your first language, copies of test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, or the Duolingo English Test) must be sent by your school in addition to your high school transcript.
  • If you are applying for financial aid, your parents or guardians will need to submit their most recent 1040 with your application.

Visit our Application Process page to find more in-depth information on preparing for your application.

Next Steps

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