When you take one of our courses, you will collaborate with like-minded peers while experimenting, designing, creating, and learning to think like an engineer. Create a device to enhance the well-being of the user, improve the efficiency of wind energy, or design a spaghetti bridge to hold upwards of 200 pounds! We’ve blended collaborative and fun activities that will broaden your thinking about what’s possible with engineering. Top it all off with college credit!  

Live on-campus like a college student, commute, or log on and join other STEM-loving students from around the world for the experience of a lifetime.

All Programs Offer

  • Curriculum developed by Johns Hopkins faculty

  • Three JHU college credits

  • Hands-on projects and activities

  • 12:1 or lower student-teacher ratio

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Explore Engineering Innovation Biomedical Engineering Innovation Sustainable Energy Engineering
Explore a variety of engineering disciplines Introduction to biomedical engineering concepts Study the science and engineering behind methods of energy production
Chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and materials science Solve biological, physiological, and/or medical problems Sources of energy, energy storage and transfer, and the impact of social and political factors
In-person (residential and commuter) and online Online – mostly asynchronous In-person (residential and commuter)
In-person: July 1 – July 26

Online: June 24 – July 26

Daily class meetings; Mon – Fri

June 24 – August 2

Three required online design meetings

Regular, optional, online study sessions

July 1 – July 26

Daily class meetings; Mon – Fri

EI challenged me to use my analytical skills…to develop my engineering thinking. The design and teamwork skills…are still relevant to me today.



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