Our pre-college programs put the inner drive of your talented high schooler into high gear with an interactive sneak peek into engineering. With math and science as a strength, our programs will ignite your student’s interest in engineering—all in an inviting, collaborative setting with peers following a similar path.

Courses are designed by trusted scientists and engineers from Johns Hopkins University, so you can be sure the academic rigor and ingenuity runs deep throughout the course. What’s learning without engaging fun? Courses are packed with that, too. And students can top off this experience with the opportunity to earn college credit.

Hopkins Engineering Innovation Pre-College provides a preview of the college experience designed for academically motivated students with an interest in getting a head start in their transition from high school. Our programs are different from traditional STEM summer camps and after school programs, they are college-level courses with college-level standards. Students who enroll in Hopkins Engineering Innovation Pre-College will be immersed in an academically intense, fast-paced college environment for the duration of the program.

Wanting to invest in your student’s future, but looking for need-based financial assistance? We understand! Scholarship opportunities are important to us. Engineering Innovation is pleased to offer need-based scholarships to qualified students.

Part of the Hopkins Engineering Innovation Pre-College experience is going through an application and enrollment process similar to what students will do as an undergraduate in college. Students should complete the application themselves with help and guidance from you.

As parent(s)/guardian(s), you are encouraged to pay close attention to both the Financial Aid Application and Parent Information and Agreement tabs within the application, but you should not fill out the forms for the student. It is especially important that the email address associated with the application belongs to the student as it will be the primary means of contact during the application process, enrollment, and the course.

Parents/guardians of individuals under the age of 18 in attendance at a university program that does not offer a postsecondary degree or certificate shall retain FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) rights for the participant. This means that parents/guardians of students under the age of 18 can access the student’s records and grades.

Generally, we communicate by email directly with prospective and current students and via MS Teams with our current students.  We do not communicate directly with parent(s)/guardian(s) or other third parties. Please be sure your student checks email daily to ensure they receive important communications.

General Questions: Engineering Innovation office [email protected] or 443-927-1986

Residential Questions: Summer Discovery office – phone and email will be provided before the programs begin

Academic Questions: Engineering Innovation office [email protected] or 443-927-1986

Academic Questions for ISPEED in BME: [email protected]

Student Disability Services Questions: [email protected] or 410-516-4720

International Student VISA Questions: Office of International Services [email protected] or 667-208-7001

Admission to the Hopkins Engineering Innovation Pre-College programs do not automatically entitle students for admission into the undergraduate program at Johns Hopkins University.

Courses offered by Hopkins Engineering Innovation Pre-College qualify for tax credit. This means that students who provide their US Social Security number when they enroll will receive a 1098-T tax form in the mail at the address on file with JHU Student Accounts. The form can be filed with their, their parent(s)/guardian(s), tax returns.

The 1098-T can be obtained electronically by clicking the “View 1098-T” link in SIS Self-Service and providing consent. You can provide your ‘Consent to receive your 1098-T electronically’ at any time, before December 31 of the tax year. By clicking on Consent, you are stating that you want to receive your 1098-T form electronically and you agree to return to this site, to print your 1098-T form online or email the form to your email address.  You can find more information about the 1098-T form on the Homewood Student Affairs website.

If you have questions regarding this form, you should contact Student Accounts directly through JHU SEAM.

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