Welcome, we are excited that you are joining us in an online pre-college engineering program! Now that you have accepted our offer of admission, please follow these important steps to prepare for an unforgettable summer experience.

PowerPoint Slides from Explore Engineering Innovation: Online Zoom orientation.

PowerPoint Slides from Biomedical Engineering Innovation: Online Zoom orientation.

Steps 1 - 4. General Enrollment

What is my JHED and how do I activate it?
Your JHED is a user name and password that enables you to access many web-based applications at Johns Hopkins. Once you accept the offer of admission, the following day the registrar ([email protected]) will email you your JHED ID with instructions about how to activate your account. You may also find instructions on activating your JHED in the application portal in Slate, or here. It takes at least one day from the the time you accept the offer before you can activate your JHED. It is important to remember your JHED ID (user name) and password, after you set up your JHED.

Log into My JHED
After activating your account, login by visiting the MY JHU website.
User name: [email protected] (your JHED ID followed by @jh.edu–and use “jh.edu,” not “jhu.edu”)

Technical Assistance with JHED
If you’re having any technical issues related to JHED, contact the JHU IT Help Desk at 410-516-4357 or [email protected] for assistance. 

To ensure the security of JHU systems, certain logins require Multifactor Authentication (MFA). You can find more information about MFA and how to set it up by visiting the Whiting School’s multifactor authentication information.

After you activate your JHED account, (Step 1. above), you will register for your course section. This is similar to the process that you would follow as an undergraduate at JHU. Please follow these step-by-step instructions  on the Class Section Registration Information page to register.

It takes 24-48 hours, after you are enrolled in one of our courses, for a bill to be generated by JHU Student Accounts. You will use your JHED ID to log into your JHU SIS (Student Information Services) account to access your bill. Full program payment is due within 5 business days of successfully registering for the course and section.  

Please note that the Hopkins Engineering Innovation office does not handle billing; tuition and fees are added by Student Accounts after a student has successfully registered in a course and section (Step 3. above). Please follow these instructions for making payment in SIS and establishing Authorized User Access.

How do I pay for the course?

Payment by eCheck or credit card
You can pay online through your account in JHU SIS. Parent(s)/guardian(s) may be set up as “Authorized Users” by the student to have viewable access to the account. Authorized users access the account and all financial activity on SIS with their own ID and password. Online payments made by e-check require the account and routing numbers located at the bottom of any paper check. In compliance with federal law and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the student is the only person who can grant anyone access to their account. 

Payment by check by mail
Checks for tuition and fees should be made payable to JHU and should include your Hopkins ID number. Please note that your Hopkins ID is not your JHED ID. You can find your Hopkins ID in the upper right-hand corner of SIS. Payments should be mailed to: 

Student Accounts Operations (TPP)
Johns Hopkins University
Garland Hall B33
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218 

Tuition Remission
The Johns Hopkins Tuition Remission Plan may be used to cover tuition fees only; lunch, residential, and lab kit fees are not covered.  Johns Hopkins University employees should contact Human Resources to determine whether they are eligible for the benefit and complete the Dependent Child Tuition Remission Benefit Application. After fees have been posted to the student’s account, please submit an online form to JHU SEAM and upload the completed Tuition Remission Form to have it credited to the student’s account. 

Payment by wire
Johns Hopkins University contracts with both Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions to accept payments from international students worldwide. You can easily and securely make education payments in your own currency, using local payment methods from the safety and convenience of your home. Each company offers various payment methods, a wide range of international currency options, competitive exchange rates, and the convenience of paying through a local bank.

If you pay by wire transfer, please send a copy of the receipt to [email protected]; this will help JHU Student Accounts to properly allocate the funds.

View our withdrawal and refund policy.

Step 5. Required Forms and Documents

The following forms and documents will need to be completed and returned to the Engineering Innovation Office before a student is considered fully enrolled. Students who have not submitted the required materials will be removed from the program.

There are some post-admission documents that you will access and complete within the Engineering Innovation application portal. These forms will be available to you once you accept the offer of admission.

There are other post-admissions documents that you and your parent/guardian will receive via an email.

Steps 6 - 10

To begin the registration process with Student Disability Services and to establish eligibility for disability related accommodations and services, follow these steps:

  1. Create your JHED ID. (See What is a JHED + Activating My JHED above.)
  2.  Complete and submit the SDS Online Registration Form and upload supporting documentation. You can also find this form by visiting the Student Disability Services website and clicking on the link on the left-hand side labeled ‘New Students.’
  3. Once your form and documentation are received, the next step in the process will be a phone call or virtual meeting with an SDS professional staff member, when needed, to complete your requested accommodation.

If you have any difficulty providing documentation or need more information about any aspect of the process, please contact SDS staff at [email protected].

Students taking online courses through Engineering Innovation will receive lab kits with the material needed to perform all experiments and projects. These kits are shipped by an outside vendor, Quality Science Labs.

Shipping Lab Kits to Students outside of the Contiguous U.S.
Students outside the United States may be contacted by a customs office to clear the package; a delay in responding to phone calls or emails may result in the lab kit being returned to the shipper.

Students outside of the United States are also responsible for taxes, tariffs or duties that are charged by customs to clear the package in addition to international shipping fees.

Take a moment to review Hopkins Engineering Innovation Policies & Services.