Transcript Requests

How to request a transcript for Engineering Innovation courses


All transcripts are issued through the Johns Hopkins Office of the Registrar, not through the Engineering Innovation office.

Please visit the website of the JHU Office of the Registrar for information on how to obtain a copy of your transcript.

You may be asked to provide a six-character Hopkins ID; to find this ID, log into and look in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you are not able to access your Hopkins ID, please enter six zeroes “000000.”

Students who request electronic transcripts will need to identify the school that they attended. Please select “undergraduate” under Johns Hopkins University, School of Arts, Sciences & Engineering; school code 002077-02.

If you have questions, please complete the Office of Student Enrollment and Account Management (SEAM) online form or call 410-516-8080.

The course numbers are:

Explore Engineering Innovation (In-Person) EN.500.110 (formerly Engineering Innovation)

Explore Engineering Innovation (Online) EN.500.109

Biomedical Engineering Innovation EN.500.130

Transferring credit

Transfer of credit is at the discretion of the recipient college or university. You should follow your college’s procedure for applying for transfer credit, which usually involves submitting a transcript and a syllabus for the course. Links to the course syllabi are below


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