Hood College – Frederick, MD

Join other high school students in this challenging summer program where you’ll learn how to apply math and science concepts to practical engineering exercises. 


What is Engineering Innovation?

  • Hands-on labs, team projects, and exciting competitions
  • Course topics in chemical, civil, electrical, materials, and mechanical engineering
  • A Johns Hopkins University freshman engineering course
  • Opportunity to earn college credit


Details about This Location

  • Historic Frederick, Maryland is close to DC, and boasts beautiful scenery and a vibrant downtown.
  • Hood College is a residential site and a commuting site.
  • This site will enroll a maximum of 92 residential and 24 commuting students.
  • Hood College is located at 401 Rosemont Avenue, Frederick, Maryland.


Need more info? Please see below for more site-specific information. You can also review the application materials needed to apply, the eligibility requirements, and our program description.

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General Information

Site Specific Information

  • A handbook for students and parents will be available soon.

    Summer Discovery will run the residential portion of Explore Engineering Innovation.

  • Students in the residential program are not permitted to bring a car to campus.

    Commuter students will find free parking close to the Hodson Science and Technology building on Evergreen Avenue, Broadbeck Drive, and Rosemont Avenue.

  • Information will be posted soon.

  • The Engineering Innovation Summer Program will hold classes on the second floor of the Hodson Science and Technology Center and in Rosenstock Hall.

  • Most days students will have an hour for lunch.  Occasionally the lab schedule will necessitate a shorter lunch break.  The timing of the lunch break may change daily depending upon the schedule, but will happen between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM. Students will take their lunch in the Hood College dining hall.
    DINING HALL INFORMATION:  Residential students will be eating at the Hood College Dining Hall during their stay on campus.  The dining hall does not offer Kosher or Halal meals, but vegetarian and vegan options are available. For more information, contact Hood College Dining Services.

    Residential Students:  For students living in the residence halls, all meals are included in the residential program fee.

    Commuter Students:  Lunch fee for the Hood College campus: $230   Commuting students will have lunch at the Hood College Dining Hall on the Hood campus for the duration of the course. The total cost to attend the commuter program at Hood College campus is $3,430 (Tuition plus Lunch Fee).  The lunch fee will be paid with tuition when student enrolls in the program.



Click here to view the 2016 Bridge Breaking Competition.


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