• Chizaram, former EI student and TAChizaram from Lagos, Nigeria

    Took EEI in the summer of 2016 as a residential student at the JHU Homewood campus in Baltimore, MD.

    Worked as a Teaching Assistant for EI in the summer of 2018.

    I applied to EEI because . . . In high school, I was sure I wanted to do something engineering related, but I was not 100% set on which type of engineering to pursue. I applied to EI my junior year summer to help me make this decision and to boost my college applications.

    What I liked most about EEI was . . . The application of engineering skills and principles in a great way in preparation for college. We were already making small technical proposal presentations before even entering college. Thanks to the program, nothing really surprises me anymore in college or in the profession.

    EEI challenged me to . . . Engineering Innovation challenged me to use my analytical skills in math and science to develop my engineering thinking with the many different activities it offered, most especially the spaghetti bridge design competition at the end. The design and teamwork skills I gained in that project are still relevant to me till today.

    I made a few great friends that I still talk to and relate with even today and I attended as a commuter. I enjoyed the program enough to come back as a teaching assistant in the summer of 2018, and I could tell that the students formed close bonds that year as well since my brother was among them. The teaching assistants I worked with were also great that year.


    Shayna from Frederick, MD

    Took EEI in the summer of 2017 as a commuter student at Hood College in Frederick, MD.

    I applied to EEI because . . . I wanted to explore different fields of engineering and spend my summer doing something challenging, educational, and fun.

    What I liked most about EEI was . . . The variety of activities that we did and the emphasis on hands-on exercises. We covered each of the main disciplines of engineering and completed a project for each. We spent time learning new concepts relating to each discipline in a classroom environment, but there was also opportunity for experimentation, design, and independent learning that was unlike any class at school.

    EEI challenged me to . . . Apply new knowledge and come up with unique ideas to solve design problems both alone and with a team.

    The greatest effect overall that EI had on me was that it confirmed and further cultivated my interest in the creative, problem-solving aspect of engineering. It gave me a chance to brainstorm, design, and test systems and contraptions like a real engineer. After EI, I knew engineering was the right field for me.

    Jheane from Baltimore, MD

    Took EEI in the summer of 2019 as a commuter student.

    I applied to EEI because . . . I found that the program was a great opportunity for me to explore engineering and find out if there was a career that I could truly challenge myself with but enjoy at the same time. Also, I knew being on campus would give me an idea of what college would be like from the campus resources to interacting with professors and group projects.

    What I liked most about EEI was . . . the fact that I not only challenged myself through STEM academics during the summer, but the fact that I met so many people who came from all over the world and learned about their cultures. It felt like although we were different by race or origins, engineering was something that brought us together.

    EEI challenged me to . . . push my boundaries in terms of being comfortable with new peers and being open to hearing others’ input for problem solving. Although it was hard to communicate at times and be proactive with new peers, problem solving and exploring the campus in our own time really brought many of us closer and allowed us to share our own lives and stories.

    I am always very grateful to have been a part of EI and always feel welcomed by the staff and everyone on campus!

  • AakarshAakarsh from Sunnyvale, CA

    Took EEI during the summer of 2019 as a residential student at the JHU Homewood campus in Baltimore, MD.

    I applied to EEI because . . . I wanted to gain experience learning at a college level and challenge myself to learn new concepts while being able to meet other people from around the world.

    What I liked most about EEI was . . . collaborating and bonding with my classmates both by solving difficult problems in the labs and through our excursions outside of campus as well.

    EEI challenged me to . . . be more independent, responsible, and disciplined in order to succeed in a new and challenging environment.

    EEI student.

    Lijie from Chongqing, China.

    Took EEI during the summer of 2019 as a residential student at Hood College in Frederick, MD.

    I applied to EEI because . . . I wanted to enrich my experience of engineering learning and gain deeper understanding of the field that I would firmly pursue in the future.

    What I liked most about EEI was . . . That it emphasizes how important cooperation is during the whole program. From the first Marshmallow Tower Design Task to the final Group Spaghetti Bridge Project, team cooperation is the necessity to complete a project and gain higher accomplishments. I truly learned how powerful it could be if people were working together at the moment when we had finished our Spaghetti Bridge with the wisdom of the team, which I could never achieve alone. Even now, I keep reminding myself the importance of cooperation, due to the lesson from EI.

    EEI challenged me to . . . Step out of my academic comfort zone and elevate my problem-solving ability. As a 10th grade student, I realized my shortage when working with other senior camp mates and was not used to studying college-level courses at the beginning. However, I did not yield to difficulty and became the one who asked questions the most after classes. More often than not, the tutors who were as passionate provided me with insights that fueled me for further study.

    I feel fortunate to attend EI, while expanding my horizon and making lots of friends coming all over the world. We have different backgrounds and personalities, but we still became a ‘family’ of happiness. More importantly, EI has bonded us together and cultivated us to talk like a real engineer and work as well as think like one. All in all, EI has changed my life and consolidated my choice to major in engineering and to conduct interdisciplinary study in the future.

  • Avelo from Baltimore, MD

    Currently a senior in high school and applying to colleges

    Took EEI (Online) during the summer of 2021.

    I applied to EEI because . . . I was thought I was interested in engineering and wanted to confirm this interest. I also wanted to learn more about engineering concepts because I enjoy math and science.

    What I liked most about EEI was . . . The video lectures. I thought they were well made and were informative while also being concise.

    EEI challenged me to . . . Write scientific papers, apply conceptual knowledge to actually building things.

    This course taught things that aren’t explicitly covered in school curriculum. It also helps with topics that are in school. The “units and dimensions” unit is very useful in all my science classes but is not usually taught in school. The EEI course took time to explain the concept and it has many important implications.

  • Annmarie from Bellmore, NY

    A senior in high school, currently applying to college.

    Took BMEI during the summer 2021.

    I applied to EI and BMEI because . . . I took an engineering class in high school and really enjoyed it. I wanted to explore different fields within engineering, and I thought this would be a good way to explore biomedical engineering.

    What I liked most about EI and BMEI was . . . Everyone was really supportive and encouraging. If I ever had a question, I could either go to my classmates or my teachers and get a reply within an hour. Everyone really wanted to help each other to grow and learn.

    Kiara, my instructor, was so helpful and kind. I probably had a million questions over the course of the program, but she was so patient and understanding.


    JuniJuni from Baltimore, MD

    Took EI during the summer of 2019 as a commuter student and BMEI during the summer of 2020.

    Worked as a Teaching Assistant for EEI (Online) during the summer of 2021.

    I applied to EI and BMEI because . . . I am interested in pursuing a career in engineering, and I wanted to gain exposure to the different disciplines.

    What I liked most about EI and BMEI was . . . I really enjoyed working with people from all across the globe to solve engineering problems. I am still in contact with some of my friends today! For BMEI, I enjoyed performing my own labs on topics that were not covered in my school curriculum. I had never worked directly with Arduino before, and it was really interesting to build my own circuits and write my own code.  

    EI and BMEI challenged me to . . . to apply abstract concepts learned in class to real world problems. For example, when building our spaghetti bridge, my group had to apply concepts we learned in class – tension, stress, etc. – to create a bridge that could withstand weight. During BMEI, I had to use the concepts taught in class to design and perform my own labs.  

    Ari from Pikesville, MD

    Took BMEI during the summer of 2020.

    I applied to BMEI because . . . I wanted to be challenged in new and excited ways that would help me decide a career path. Since I wanted to become an engineer, specifically in the medical field, this program seemed like the perfect place to get a real taste of the profession.

    What I liked most about BMEI was . . . the final project which allowed each of us to perform unique and independent research on a topic we are passionate about. Unlike in high school where I only performed experiments to corroborate someone else’s findings, the final project gave me the ability to make my own discoveries. I was able to collect, analyze, and present my own research which felt amazing. For the first time, I felt like an actual engineer and truly believed that biomedical engineering was the right path for me to pursue in the future.

    BMEI challenged me to . . . think critically every single day. No matter the material, the instructors and assignments consistently challenged me to think on deeper level than any course I’ve ever taken. There was never a time when a simple “yes” or “no” answer was sufficient – we needed to perform research, find external factors, and state assumptions before we could give any answers. Although this process was very different than what I was used to, I was amazed at how fast I transitioned into the mindset of an engineer. Within only a few days, I fell in love with this unique process and hope to be continuously challenged in my career as an engineer.

    Although BMEI was one of the most difficult courses I’ve ever taken, it was also incredibly rewarding. The feeling that I got after creating my own biosensor or after successfully designing and implement a design project from start to finish is simply unlike anything I’ve ever felt before – there is an incredible sense of accomplishment that I really have not experience anywhere else.


    Brooke from Chino Hills, CA

    Took BMEI during the summer of 2020.

    I applied to BMEI because . . . I had never taken a course that had an emphasis on engineering before and I wanted to get an insight into what this field was like, specifically with the influence of biology.

    What I liked most about BMEI was . . . that I was always learning something new; it was taught in such a fun way and made me think outside of the box. I never had a boring moment and consistently enjoyed all the assignments and especially the labs.

    BMEI challenged me to . . . think outside of the box with complex thinking. This course was unlike anything I had taken before and required a lot of time and effort but was intellectually rewarding at the end of the day.

    I want to add that this course was so much fun, and I recommend everyone take it, even if they don’t feel qualified. I had no previous knowledge in physics, or anything engineering related but enjoyed this class so much. It is extremely challenging, but you will not regret the experience BMEI will bring you.

    Kenta from Tokyo, Japan

    Took BMEI during the summer of 2020.

    I applied to BMEI because . . . because I wanted to gain some engineering experience so I could get a better sense of what pursuing an undergraduate engineering degree and engineering as a career entails.

    What I liked most about BMEI was . . .  that I had the opportunity to pull together the knowledge I had gained from my high school math and science courses and actually apply it to tackle hands-on design challenges.

    BMEI challenged me to . . . to be creative in my problem solving and be reflective of my learning.

    Although it was an online course, I really enjoyed talking to the instructors and listening to their perspectives on biomedical engineering and their experiences at Hopkins.


    Juliana from Chicago, IL

    Took BMEI during the summer of 2020.

    I applied to BMEI because . . . because I thought that the field of biomedical engineering sounded super cool and I wanted to learn more about it. I also wanted to be challenged in new ways and prepare myself for the college workload while I was still in high school. The opportunity to earn 3 college credits in the span of only 5 weeks was also very important to me as I knew it would help me stand out in college applications. In taking this class, I ended up not only learning more about BME but completely falling in love with it, I cannot wait to continue my studies in college!

    What I liked most about BMEI was . . . the opportunity to design and conduct our own labs. For each lab we were given a set of materials and guiding questions, but aside from that the design and execution of our labs was completely in our hands. Our final project was probably my favorite part of the whole course because we got to pick any topic related to BME and then design and conduct experiments, mine was on the correlation between heart rate and memorization ability. Overall, this freedom in design was such a great experience, as in the high school setting labs are normally given to us as a set of directions and there is little to no room for creativity and independent thinking. Another thing I really liked about BMEI was that it took little bits and pieces from my high school physics, biology, chemistry, and math classes and applied them all to the human body in ways I never even thought were possible.

    BMEI challenged me to . . . think on a much deeper level than I ever have before in my high school classes. The biggest difference was that in this class all the problems and scenarios we were given didn’t have one specific correct answer. Compiling credible resources and making reasonable assumptions was rather the “right answer” as nobody knows every single in and out of our complex human body systems. This class truly transitioned my thinking from picking the correct option on a multiple choice test to having the ability to answer any complex question with the help of some research.

    Anyone considering this class should go for it as I guarantee you will have fun and grow immensely as a student, it is a great preparation for college! Not to mention the opportunity to earn college credit at such a prestigious university while still in high school! This is definitely a way to stand out on your college applications and either confirm or deny your interest in the BME field before getting to college!


    Pranavi from Morganville, NJ

    Currently a senior in high school, applying to college (and hoping to major in Biomedical Engineering!).

    Took BMEI during the summer of 2021.

    I applied to BMEI because . . . I’ve always been interested in BME, but I wanted to learn more about Biomedical Engineering and the many branches it involves. I found JHU’s BMEI program to be the perfect avenue to do this through. I also wanted more experience with writing lab reports and conducting research and experiments.

    What I liked most about BMEI was . . . Learning from and collaborating with real BME faculty and professionals, and applying what I learned to create and execute projects and experiments. I loved the variety of topics that we covered over the duration of the course, as well! I remember once, my ammeter wasn’t working no matter what I tried. One of the TAs sat with me over Microsoft Teams for hours until we were finally able to fix the issue. The dedication and kindness of the BMEI faculty is unmatched, and they really helped me learn and excel in the course!

    BMEI challenged me to . . . Be creative to apply my knowledge and come up with my own projects and experiments to explore BME, rather than just conducting a pre-assigned experiment. It really challenged me to take what I learned and apply it in a practical scenario, which was a very rewarding process!

    I had an amazing time connecting with other students and JHU faculty who share the same passion for BME as I do, and learning about BME through a mixture of lectures and hands-on activities. I feel that I gained knowledge and experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise! I especially appreciate the BMEI faculty’s commitment to teaching and helping students. If I ever had a question, they were ready and eager to help me. I really enjoyed the breadth of things I learned about, from physics to anatomy to medical devices.

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