Sustainable Energy Engineering (In-Person)

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NEW IN 2023!

  • Fossil fuels will eventually run out, and before they do, burning them for energy production will continue to contribute to our warming planet.  Where does all the energy go that we use and how can we use less energy? Recognizing that even with reductions in our energy use, we will still need to make changes to energy production, how can we design and implement new sustainable energy technologies that are resilient and economical, and that may be incorporated into the existing power grid?  To answer these questions, we need to take a deep look the ways we currently use energy so that we may find ways to reduce our use, and we must study the science and engineering concepts behind our current methods of energy production and distribution, as well as the impact of policy on our ability to make change.  This course will introduce students to these topics, giving them the fundamental knowledge necessary to understand the challenges and opportunities in sustainable energy engineering, and to decide whether this is a field they want to pursue.   

  • Please visit the Eligibility Requirements page for more information.

  • Sustainable Energy Engineering will be offered on the JHU Homewood Campus in Baltimore in summer 2023. Residential and commuter options will be available for this course.

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