FAQs – Technology and Resources for Online Courses

  • Regular, real-time office hours will be held, at least twice a week, using MS Teams. These office hours are optional and will be recorded and shared so students may access them at any time. Students may request to meet with their instructor or TA outside of the posted office hours at a time that is convenient for both. 

    Students will also use MS Teams to interact with and ask questions of their peers. They may also post questions in MS Teams for the course Instructor and TAs. Instructors and TAs will respond to questions from students within 24 hours, often within minutes. 

  • Most assignments will be uploaded directly into the course Learning Management System (LMS). Some assignments will be uploaded into MS Teams so that they may be peer-reviewed by other students in the course. 

    Quizzes are accessed and completed within the Learning Management System (LMS). 

    Tests are designed to be printed at home, completed and then uploaded into the Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Students will need a computer that meets our technical requirements in order to participate in this course. Additionally, the computer should have: 

    • Access to a spreadsheet application which will allow them to analyze data (BMEI and EEI) 
    • Access to a word processing program that can be used to write their course lab reports (BMEI and EEI) 
    • Access to a presentation program so they can create course presentations (BMEI and EEI)
    • Ability to video the course projects and upload the footage to the course Blackboard site or to MS Teams (BMEI and EEI)
    • Ability to install Arduino software on the computer (BMEI)
    • USB port to communicate with the Arduino (BMEI) and Circuit Playground Express (EEI)
    • Ability to access the internet reliably (BMEI and EEI)
  • All students will have access to the Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries online using their JHED ID.


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