FAQs – Parents and Guardians

  • No.  It is important that students complete the applications themselves.  Parents or other adults can review the application before signing, but they should not fill out the form for the student.  It is especially important that the email address associated with the application belong to the student, as it will be the primary means of contact during the application process, as well as during enrollment and the course, if the student is accepted to the program.
  • During the enrollment process, students have the opportunity to identify individuals whom we are authorized to communicate with regarding their academic performance.  

    In accordance with our policy and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), unless the student authorizes us to, we cannot release information such as a student’s academic evaluations or class schedule to family members or guardians. Except for information defined as “directory information,” no other information about students is released outside the University—including to parents, guardians, or family members—unless otherwise authorized or required by law.

    Generally, we communicate by email directly with prospective and current students and using MS Teams with our current students.  We do not communicate directly with parents or other third parties. Please be sure your student checks email daily to ensure they receive important communications.

  • Courses offered by Engineering Innovation do qualify for tax credit. This means that students who provide their US Social Security number when they enroll will receive a 1098-T tax form in the mail to be filed with your (or your parents) tax returns.

    If you did not request that the form be available electronically, it will be mailed to the address on file by JHU Student Accounts.  You can find more information about the 1098-T form on the Homewood Student Affairs website.

    If you have questions regarding this form, you should contact Student Accounts directly at https://studentaffairs.jhu.edu/student-accounts/ask-account-rep/.

    If you have questions about a previous year’s tax form, you should contact Student Accounts directly at at https://studentaffairs.jhu.edu/student-accounts/ask-account-rep/.

  • Yes, we welcome donations to our scholarship fund. Each year, the financial needs of the qualified students who apply to our programs exceeds the funds we have available. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and generosity! Please contact [email protected] for more information or make an online donation.


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