An outside vendor ships lab kits for all Engineering Innovation courses offered online. Please note that the lab kit fee covers the cost of the shipping within the contiguous United States. Additional charges will be applied to shipments beyond the contiguous United States; these charges can be up to $500.

 Students outside the United States are also responsible for taxes, tariffs or duties that are charged by customs to clear the package in addition to international shipping fees. 
Once a lab kit has been shipped by our vendor, we are not able to issue a refund. Please check your email for updates regarding shipping dates. 

 Please note that shipping costs are based on delivery address, carrier, shipping, and delivery dates, as well as size and weight of the package. To ensure the best rate possible, please enroll, pay, and complete the shipping documents as soon as possible. The information below summarizes the shipping fees from summer 2022 and is provided as a guide only.

**Student payment capped at $500.

Country Average Shipping Fee (in U.S. dollars) for Summer 2022
Bulgaria $937.77**
Canada $208.77
China $557.28
Czech Republic $717.96**
Georgia $878.14**
Ghana $864.88**
Greece $336.45
Hong Kong S.A.R. $474.53
India $549.55**
Japan $482.73
Saudi Arabia $531.92**
Singapore $314.87
South Korea $453.49
Turkey $568.83**
United Arab Emirates $501.98**
United Kingdom $460.19
Vietnam $985.73**