In a post survey of the summer 2017 participants:

  • 94% said the course challenged them in ways they had not experienced before
  • 88% said the topics presented helped them understand the various fields of engineering.
  • 83% said they’d recommend the course to a friend
  • 78% said they were confident in their ability to evaluate problems they’d never seen before and whose answers could not be found on Google (up from 55% before the program)

Of our Engineering Innovation alumni polled in 2017:

  • 95% have decided to become an engineer or pursue a career in a STEM field
  • 84% said the course taught them how math and science apply to real world problems
  • 77% said the course helped them understand what engineers do and how they think
  • 78% said the course was fun
  • 72% said the course taught them how to learn on their own

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