FAQs – About EEI

  • Explore Engineering Innovation (EEI), formerly known as Engineering Innovation, is an undergraduate introductory engineering course that has been offered at Johns Hopkins University since 2006. This hands-on, lab-based course is designed to help students develop the skills to think and problem solve like engineers.

    It is offered both in-person and online.

  • Please see the Eligibility Requirements page for the pre-requisites.

  • No, Explore Engineering Innovation is NOT a summer camp, rather it is a college course for high school students.  Students who enroll in EEI will be immersed in an academically intense, fast-paced college environment for the duration of the program.
  • Yes! Students are eligible to receive a JHU transcript with 3 college credits if they complete the course with a final grade of an A or a B. Students receiving college credit should contact the JHU Office of the Registrar to request that a transcript be delivered to their home and/or institutions of their choice.

    To be eligible to receive an A or B in the course, students must have attended regularly and completed all major projects, assignments, and quizzes/tests.

    Students who actively participate in the course but do not earn an A or B in the course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • Explore Engineering Innovation is offered in three modalities:

    The Explore Engineering Innovation In-Person Commuter Program allows students to live at home and complete the course at one of our host institutions across the country. These students have the same curriculum as their peers taking the course on the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus.

    We offer two residential locations:

    • Johns Hopkins Homewood campus in Baltimore, MD
    • Hood College in Frederick, MD

    Students who apply to the residential locations must meet age requirements in addition to the academic criteria.

    Engineering Innovation is also offered as an online course.  Students will interact with their instructional team and classmates using Blackboard and MS Teams. There will be both synchronous and asynchronous activities.  Students enrolled in the online course will receive a lab kit in the mail with materials needed to complete various lab activities.

  • All instructors receive JHU Faculty appointments to teach EEI. They typically have a PhD and teach college-level courses. Local high school teachers, university graduate students, and former EEI students also assist with the classes.
  • Class size will typically range from 18-24 students who will work in teams of three or four.
  • We will be offering a number of different times for the synchronous portion of the online course. Students interested in completing the online course will be able to select a section that best meets their timing requirements.

    To participate in the online course, students will need to have access to reliable internet. We realize that issues arise from time-to-time and would encourage students to relay intermittent issues to their instructors.

  • The online materials are compiled into the Blackboard Learning Management System. Students who have access to the internet will be able to access course materials.  Students will be granted access to Office 365 while they are enrolled in the course. This will give them access to MS Teams, the course collaboration tool that will be used.
  • The due dates for course materials will be posted on Blackboard and in the course schedule.
  • Admission to the Explore Engineering Innovation Program or the Biomedical Engineering Innovation Program does not automatically entitle students for admission into the undergraduate program at Johns Hopkins University.

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