The application will be completed and submitted online. Click here to apply.

The full application will include:

  • Essay:  A 250-word essay in response to the prompt: “Explain why you want to participate in the Engineering Innovation course and what you hope to gain from the experience.” The essay will be uploaded into the online application.
  • Application Fee:  A $75 application fee will be collected during the online application process. This can be paid online with either a credit card or with checking account information.
  • Recommendation from a teacher: The student will provide an email for a math, science, technology, engineering or computer teacher during the online application process. The teacher will receive an email with directions on how to submit the recommendation electronically.
  • Official high school transcripts (including grades through your first semester for this year):  Official transcripts must be emailed or mailed to our office by the school. Transcripts forwarded by students (unless in a sealed envelope) are not considered official.  Download the transcript request form.
  • Financial Information:  For students requesting financial assistance, supporting documents are required. These documents are typically your parent’s or guardian’s most recent tax forms, including a 1040 and W-2.

Applications will be accepted until the location has reached full enrollment. We will post deadlines regularly on the Deadlines page of this website.

Admission to the Engineering Innovation Summer Program does not automatically entitle students for admission into the undergraduate program at Johns Hopkins University.

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