In a post survey of the summer 2017 participants:

  • 94% said the course challenged them in ways they had not experienced before
  • 88% said the topics presented helped them understand the various fields of engineering.
  • 83% said they’d recommend the course to a friend
  • 78% said they were confident in their ability to evaluate problems they’d never seen before and whose answers could not be found on Google (up from 55% before the program)

Of our Engineering Innovation alumni polled in 2017:

  • 95% have decided to become an engineer or pursue a career in a STEM field
  • 84% said the course taught them how math and science apply to real world problems
  • 77% said the course helped them understand what engineers do and how they think
  • 78% said the course was fun
  • 72% said the course taught them how to learn on their own


Quotes from Former Parents and Students of the EI Summer Program

“Over this past summer our son attended the Engineering Innovation (EI) summer program at Johns Hopkins University.  We are thrilled with the experience he had at EI. After exhaustive research, we decided to apply to the EI program and selected it as the superior choice. However, while we knew the program was excellent, we had not understood just how productive EI would be for our son. In our appreciation, EI is by far the best summer program for any rising junior or senior interested in or considering engineering as a career choice. The list of qualities and reasons to attend is long, but topping it are the curriculum’s content, the nature of projects and other assignments, and the program structure which exposes participants to a balance of academics and practical experiences.” — EI Parents Gloria and Manuel De Juan

“I have three girls and they have attended several well known summer programs… but frankly…EI seems to be exploring [engineering at a] theoretical depth and [teaching] … real world applications…way ahead of any program we know…” — EI Parent

“Engineering Innovation is AWESOME.” — EI Student

“Engineering Innovation was the hardest class I’ve ever taken, but it was also the most rewarding. It’s like I went to college a whole year early. The friendships you make are incomparable, and the new levels of independence you gain makes high school feel very small. I learned many lessons both in and outside the classroom. The whole experience was a mini tutorial for how to be successful in college.” — EI Student

“I’ve always enjoyed being challenged and pushed further and further intellectually. This course does just that. I was challenged in ways that I had never been before and I enjoyed every moment of it. I learned way more than I had anticipated in the past four weeks and have had  an amazing time every single day.” — EI Student

“[I liked] The immediate transition from good explanation of content to hands-on experience with the material covered. Theory is great, but getting to apply it in practice is a tangible reward and makes it feel worth it.” — EI Student

“You don’t learn to be an engineer at this program, you are the engineer.” — EI Student

“…Looking back, this program is the best engineering camp I’ve attended by far. I realize now that it was the perfect simulation of college life – I had to manage my time, choose between classwork and going out with my friends, became extremely close with my roommates, floormates, and peers, and had the time of my life learning about a major that I truly believe is the right fit for me.” — EI Student

“Engineering Innovation was the only chance that I had in high school to experience the engineering field. It inspired me to pursue a major in engineering in college, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.” — EI Student


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