Eligibility Requirements


Academic Eligibility

Our typical student is a rising junior (~35%) or senior (~65%) in high school. Talented 9th graders (rising sophomores) may be considered, however, priority will be given to older students. Graduated seniors are also eligible the summer before they enroll as undergraduate students.

Because Engineering Innovation and Biomedical Engineering Innovation are college level courses, interested students must meet the following requirements:

  • Have As and Bs in their high school math and science classes
  • Successfully completed Algebra II
  • Successfully completed a course where the trigonometric functions are taught.  To meet the trigonometry prerequisite students, must be able to use the trigonometric functions and be comfortable applying the laws of sines and cosines to non-right angle triangles.  If you learned to use the trigonometric functions in a course other than one called Trigonometry, you will select “Yes, as part of another course” and enter the course name when asked if you have taken Trigonometry on the online application.
  • Successfully completed required lab science courses:
    • For Engineering Innovation, students must have completed Chemistry and/or Physics.  Many students feel that knowledge of physics is particularly helpful for the course
    • For Biomedical Engineering Innovation, students must have completed Physics and Biology. Students need to be comfortable with free-body diagrams, equations of motion, and principles of electric circuits prior to taking the course.

We move through the topics quickly and assume students are able to extend upon the pre-requisite knowledge to tackle more challenging problems.

Age Requirements for Residential Programs

We offer residential opportunities for Engineering Innovation at our Johns Hopkins Homewood campus in Baltimore and Hood College.  Residential students must be between 15 and 17 years of age for the duration of the program (born between July 31, 2003, and July 5, 2006); no exceptions can be made.


Insurance Requirements

Students enrolling at Johns Hopkins University in the summer must have health insurance, issued by a provider headquartered in the United States.  Traveler’s insurance does not meet this requirement.  A parent or guardian may not waive or permit students to attend without health insurance that is U.S. based.  Documentation of health insurance must be provided to the program before enrollment is confirmed.

International students must also meet this U.S. based health insurance requirement.  For students who cannot document satisfactory coverage, a temporary, summer-only plan is provided by IMGlobal, through the Gateway Patriot Exchange program.  This is a limited, emergency plan, and does not cover pre-existing conditions.

For more information about how to apply for this policy, please click here.

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